Business Protection Insurance Cover

Business Protection Insurance Monaghan

Over the past 30 years, Eugene O’Doherty has worked with a range of business owners, from small start-ups to organisations that grew to be key players in the success of the Irish economy. All of these business owners had one thing in common – they considered the potential risks that lay ahead.

When starting a business it is so easy to get caught up in the day to day challenges without giving a thought to what might happen if a key member of personnel were lost through illness or death. It is an unfortunate truth that most businesses do not prepare for these circumstances at an early stage in their development, leading to loss of revenue and in some cases total closure. The fact is, machinery can be replaced, breakages can be repaired, even weather events that cause major damage can be addressed quite easily, however, once you have key personnel such as owners, directors or board members in place, their loss can be detrimental to any business.

With business protection insurance in place, your business can continue to trade should you lose a key member of your team.

Business Protection Insurance Cover

What does Business Protection Insurance Cover?

As with all types of insurance, a policy for business protection will be tailored to your own unique requirements.

  • Your policy will be designed to insure the key personnel in your organisation, whether that be owners, directors or partners.
  • Any payment from the policy could go towards supporting the organisation while it gets back on track.
  • Pay-outs for potential loss of revenue due to the death or ill health of the insured individual.
  • For partnerships, funds would be released by the insurer to compensate the surviving partner(s) in the event of illness or death.


Types of Business Protection Insurance

Eugene can talk you through the following business protection insurance options that are available to you and recommend a comprehensive policy to suit your requirements.

  • Co-Director Insurance
  • Corporate Co-Director Insurance
  • Partners Insurance
  • Key Person Insurance

Key Person Insurance

Business protection insurance is a vital step in ensuring your business has a prosperous future ahead. Planning for the unexpected with business protection insurance, whilst not something we relish, is just as important as putting in place liability, life, contents and buildings insurance.

To learn more about protecting your business with business protection insurance, please feel free to get in touch with Eugene today. You can reach him by phone on (047) 82000, email at or simply fill in the form on the contact page and he will get back to you as soon as possible.

Eugene O’Doherty Financial Services offers a number of business protection insurance options to business owners right across Ireland, including Monaghan, Sligo, Kilkenny and Galway and welcomes your call.

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Business Protection Insurance covers the life and health of all involved in your business. Should an untimely death or illness occur with an individual that is integral to your business, a business protection insurance policy will ensure there are funds available to protect the business into the future ... Read More